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The Artist Formerly known as horrorjinxmo.

Same ole'
20. I was never 19.

Illustration student at FIT.

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bass guitar and ukulele player. soul, progressive and folk rock are my loves.


I installed windows 7 pro on my MacBook last night

this was the first thing I did after I opened it


broccoli floret crowns are better than flower crowns

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The art of Final Fantasy II by Yoshitaka Amano.

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Share a coke with Zedd

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grandma: yuh know yuh have one cousin in jamaica who live inna cave?


A Palestinian young man who was married to the love of his life only one month ago and who fought for 10 years until their families approved their wedding stood at the side of his demolished house and told the TV reporter that he spent 5 years building a tiny house (one bedroom, a bathroom, a small kitchen) and he haven’t paid back half of the construction costs just yet. Worst of all, he says he couldn’t save anything from the house. Not their wedding pictures, not wedding video, not their first love letters, not their humble presents they used to exchange. Nothing. That broke my heart. At least they still have each other

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Slacking on sketching.

Slacking on painting.

Slacking on the Union.

I hope you don’t feel like I’ve been slacking on you.


what’s the point of calling out shitty racist/sexist/etc behavior on tumblr if you just make excuses for people close to you who engage in the same bullshit behavior

Please don’t make excuses for them and call them out on that shit or you’ll be left wondering, why do I fucks with you

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I look up to the sky and wonder “why am I friends with this nigga?”