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20. I was never 19.

Illustration student at FIT.

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bass guitar and ukulele player. soul, progressive and folk rock are my loves.



who is thisssss! hi little chubby handsome man

Can he be mine. Oh the smush

aww he looks like a nintendo game character

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seduce me w/ video game soundtracks

horrorjinxmo is this not you?

I’ll play you some LoZ on my ukulele ;)

1. Because a woman brought into this world will inevitably be given pepper spray “just in case.”

2. Because by sixteen, a young girl knows how to avoid being sexually assaulted, while a boy of the same age does not fear sexual assault in the slightest.

3. Because a girl who mocks men is a bitch, and a boy who mocks women is joking.

4. Because a girl who has sex is a slut, and a boy who has sex is a man.

5. Because in a murder, the killer is at fault, but the blame of rape is often put on the victim.

6. Because we teach girls how not to get raped instead of teaching anyone simply not to rape.

7. Because a woman should put more clothes on if her outfit makes a man uncomfortable, because his self control is her responsibility.

8. Because feminists just need to chill out.

9. Because a 22 year old sex-obsessed virgin can murder 7 people, and the problem is that someone should’ve just slept with him.

10. Because not all men are predators, but yes, all women are prey.



"I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in."


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Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good

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I installed windows 7 pro on my MacBook last night

this was the first thing I did after I opened it


broccoli floret crowns are better than flower crowns

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