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The Artist Formerly known as horrorjinxmo.

Same ole'
20. I was never 19.

Illustration student at FIT.

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bass guitar and ukulele player. soul, progressive and folk rock are my loves.

I haven’t been on in a while, because I’ve been busy. Busyness is the cure for blogging.

I found a girl that would like to be vocalist of the band that me and my best friend have been trying to create for a while. She’s really fun to hang out with too!

We heard this old man say that these “damn Chinese and Indians are taking over this country.” He happened to be African-American and I’m like “Wow, we must’ve moved on from Middle Easterners and Latin Americans.” Americans are afraid of a lot, aren’t they haha.

On the bus on my way to work, I saw the Pre-K kids that my mom teaches in suits and dresses with their parents, getting their pictures taken before graduation. I was pretty close to crying. My eyes welled up and I had to hold back before they streamed down my face. I understand Shel Silverstein’s poem “Wall Marks” even more now.

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